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The Truth Behind the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Top five suppressed invention conspiracies - This is Genius

You Have To See This - The Most Beautiful Commercial Ever! I Am In Tears!

I can’t even begin to say how much I love this commercial. Eastern commercials are always so much better than the ones we see here; they usually turn me into a weepy mess. I love how the messages are so subtle, and sometimes have little to do with the product being advertised.
This one from dtac ranks up there with my favorites. What a beautiful reminder of how important it is to actually have face-to-face time with the ones we care about. This is definitely something we all need to hear again and again: “Technology cannot replace love!”
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Is it “Government vs. the people” or is it “Government for the people?”

Year of the Bible

View More Here:  http://www.yearofthebiblenetwork.org/youth.html

No One Left Behind helps Afghan and Iraqi translators gain their U.S. Special Immigration Visas and ensures that they are properly resettled in America.

When our Afghan and Iraqi allies resettle in the US, they usually come with nothing more than the clothes on their back and whatever they can fit into one suitcase. We feel that given their profound service to our nation's military while at war, these interpreters deserve better than years of waiting on seldom delivered visas and almost no support in resettling in America.

We provide furnished apartments, modest financial support to help cover the weeks it can take before their social service benefits (food, medical, etc.) begin, and assistance with seeking employment. We also pair up newly arrived refugees with other Iraqis and Afghans who have successfully immigrated to the US -- to help smooth the transition. 

Grocery store finds a way to sell misshapen produce instead of throwing it away

Instead of letting all the produce that doesn’t look ideal get tossed, this grocery chain found a way to market it…

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